Our Services

Here at Quantum Analysis our consultants have a deep understanding of the gas, electricity, water industries. We use this knowledge to help our Clients with their Utility expenditure which ranges from £10,000 per annum to over £1,000,000 to save money on their utility bills, through a combination of lower tariffs, reduced usage, lower management costs and increased compliance.

Why are businesses paying too much?

Despite the potential savings brought about by increased competition within the supply industries most businesses are still paying too much for these services. Why is this?

  • It takes a great deal of time to thoroughly audit and evaluate all potential suppliers and their cost structures
  • Terms and conditions then have to be negotiated which can be difficult without specific knowledge of the relevant industries
  • Changes in the markets should be continually reappraised to fully realise potential savings as they arise
  • In addition, setting levels of Peak Demand, Available Capacity etc at the wrong levels can attract additional service charges which can be reduced.